Who should fill vacancies? Try our NFL head-coach carousel

by Ricardo Gutierrez - Which candidate is a match for each position? Pair Sean Payton, DeMeco Ryans and others with a team.

The NFL Head-Coaching Carousel Which candidate is the perfect match for each of these five vacancies? Match a coach to a team below. Broncos Cardinals Colts Panthers Texans See This Scenario ERIC BIENIEMY ERIC BIENIEMY LESLIE FRAZIER JONATHAN GANNON JIM HARBAUGH SEAN PAYTON DAN QUINN FRANK REICH DeMECO RYANS SHANE STEICHEN STEVE WILKS Broncos Broncos Cardinals Colts Panthers Texans Grading the Match Current Job Background Biggest Strength Stat to Know Why the job is appealing Why it might not be Back to Top Produced by ESPN Creative Studio: Chris DeLisle, Heather Donahue, Jarret Gabel, Alecia Hamm, Luke Knox, Kristine LaManna, Rachel Weiss. Edited by Jon Hudec. Illustrations by Ben Kirchner. Related Stories hi hi hi