Brady's last TD ball from last season nets $129K

by Ricardo Gutierrez - Though no longer the final football that Tom Brady threw for a touchdown, the keepsake from his finale last season still fetched $129,657 at auction Saturday, a day before Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the New Orleans Saints.

No longer Tom Brady's final regular-season-touchdown football, keepsake still sells for $129,657 at weekend auction 6:35 PM ET Dan HajduckyESPN Close Hajducky is a reporter/researcher for ESPN. He has an MFA in creative writing from Fairfield University and played on the men's soccer teams at Fordham and Southern Connecticut State universities. In March, following Tom Brady 's retirement from the NFL in late January, the football from his then-last touchdown pass was sold at a Lelands auction for $518,628 -- the most ever paid for a football. It was the natural closing of a loop; in June 2021, Lelands had also sold Brady's first touchdown pass, for $428,841. Less than 24 hours after the auction concluded, Brady -- just forty days after retiring -- returned to football. A month later, the half-million-dollar sale was nullified. On Saturday, ahead of the Week 2 game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints , that same football sold with a caveat from Lelands in the description: "The perspective has changed, but this remains a magnificent piece nonetheless." Editor's Picks Brady's final TD ball goes for $518K at auction 190d Jenna Laine 1 Related It may no longer be the football from Brady's final regular-season touchdown pass, but it's still an expensive one. The final sale price was $129,657. "It's the most unique situation that we'll probably ever encounter in our lifetimes -- at least when it comes to sports memorabilia," said Mike Heffer, president and partner at Lelands, in April when the news of the voided record sale broke. "We wanted to do the right thing."